Our employees are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with resilience to ensure we continue to deliver safe, reliable energy to all our customers.

David Hutchens
President and CEO

Letter from President and CEO, David Hutchens

Fortis continues to closely monitor developments pertaining to COVID-19. We are taking all appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities.

We never compromise on safety and have strong protocols in place to protect employees and customers. Many of our employees continue to work remotely, while those in the workplace and field crews are wearing masks, physical distancing and practicing good hygiene.

As providers of an essential service, our Emergency Operations Centre has been activated since March 2020 as safety and business continuity remain critical. We virtually bring together utility CEOs and leaders from across each of our utilities regularly to share skills and learnings, and we have been acting with agility and keeping decision-making local. This is enabling timely and appropriate response by each utility based on its respective employee and customer needs.

We are committed to serving customers and that includes maintaining and modernizing our assets, connecting new customers to the grid, building additional capacity to meet load growth, and improving our systems to provide safe, reliable, clean energy. We will continue to implement new or adapted safety measures to protect employees and customers when they need us the most.

Even though we have been physically distant we have never been more connected as a Company. We will continue to rely on the diverse strengths of our trusted leaders and employees to anticipate, innovate and create solutions to continue providing the essential service our customers need.

David Hutchens, President and CEO

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