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Fortis Inc. shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and trade under the symbol FTS.


Revenue  $11,043  $9,448  $8,935
Cash flow from operations  $3,074  $2,907  $2,701
Net earnings attributable to common equity shareholders  $1,330  $1,231  $1,209
Basic earnings per common share ($)  $2.78  $2.61  $2.60
Adjusted net earnings attributable to common equity shareholders1  $1,329  $1,219  $1,195
Adjusted earnings per common share1($)  $2.78  $2.59  $2.57
Dividends paid per common share ($)  $2.17  $2.0500  $1.9375
Assets  $64,252  $57,659  $55,481
1Non-GAAP financial measure as disclosed in the Corporation's Annual Management Discussion and Analysis


The setting of dividend record dates and the declaration and payment of dividends are subject to the Board of Directors’ approval.

All dividends paid by the Corporation on its common shares and preference shares in the current fiscal year have been, or will be, designated as “eligible dividends” for the purpose of entitling shareholders of the Corporation to a higher dividend tax credit in accordance with certain amendments to the Income Tax Act (Canada) and, where applicable, similar provisions of provincial or territorial income tax legislation.

  Q2/23 Q3/23 Q4/23 Q1/24
  • Common Share (FTS)
  • Dividend $0.565 $0.565 $0.59  $0.59 
    Payment Date June 1 Sept 1  Dec 1  Mar 1
    Record Date May 17 Aug 21 Nov 17   Feb 16
    Share Purchase Plan Deadline May 26 Aug 29 Nov 28  Feb 27
  • Series F First Preference Share (FTS.PR.F)
  • Series G First Preference Share (FTS.PR.G)
  • Series H First Preference Share (FTS.PR.H)
  • Series I First Preference Share (FTS.PR.I)
  • Series J First Preference Share (FTS.PR.J)
  • Series K First Preference Share (FTS.PR.K)
  • Series M First Preference Shares (FTS.PR.M)

Dividend History


Fortis Inc. Common Share Dividend History*

Year Declaration Date Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Payment Date Quarterly Dividend Annual Dividend
2022 Sept 28 Nov 16 Nov 17 Dec 1 $0.565 $2.17
  Jul 27 Aug 18 Aug 19 Sept 1 $0.535  
  Feb 10 May 16 May 17 Jun 1 $0.535  
   Nov 18
Feb 14 Feb 15 Mar 1 $0.535  
2021 Sept 29   Nov 16  Nov 17  Dec 1  $0.535  $2.05
   July 28  Aug 18  Aug 19  Sept 1  $0.505  
   Feb 11  May 14  May 17  Jun 1  $0.505  
   Nov 18
 Feb 15  Feb 16  Mar 1  $0.505  

* Adjusted for 4-for-1 stock split in October 2005 and Newfoundland Power’s 2-for-1 stock split in 1985. Newfoundland Power Common Shares were exchanged on a 1-for-1 basis for Fortis Inc. Common Shares in 1987.

pdf-icon  Download our full common share dividend history

View the full Common Share Dividend History in Adobe Acrobat PDF or email to request the file.

Preference Shares

The First Preference Shares of Fortis Inc. are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Issue Ticker Symbol Rate Per Annum* Description Par Redemption Dates
Series F FTS.PR.F $1.2250 Cumulative Redeemable $25.00 Dec 1, 2015**
Series G FTS.PR.G $1.53075 Cumulative Redeemable 5-yr Fixed Rate Reset $25.00 Sep 1, 2028
Series H FTS.PR.H $0.45876 Cumulative Redeemable 5-yr Fixed Rate Reset $25.00 Jun 1, 2025
Series I FTS.PR.I 3-mth T-Bill rate + 1.45% Cumulative Redeemable Floating Rate $25.00 Jun 1, 2025
Series J FTS.PR.J $1.1875 Cumulative Redeemable $25.00 Dec 1, 2017**
Series K FTS.PR.K(1) $0.98225 Cumulative Redeemable
5-yr Fixed Rate Reset
$25.00 Mar 1, 2024
Series M FTS.PR.M $0.97825 Cumulative Redeemable
5-yr Fixed Rate Reset
$25.00 Dec 1, 2024  

*Except the Series I dividend rate which will be reset every quarter based on the applicable 3-month Government of Canada Treasury Bill rate plus 1.45%.
** On or after redemption date.
(1) Fortis Inc. Announces Dividend Rates for Series K and Series L Preferred Shares

Share Plan

Fortis Inc. offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”) to Common Shareholders as a convenient method of increasing their investments in the Corporation. The purchase of common shares under the DRIP will be issued at a 2% discount.

(Offered to Registered Shareholders.)

Plan Documents

Plan Document

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First Amendment

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Application Forms

Enrollment Declaration

Optional Cash Purchase –Canada

Optional Cash Purchase –U.S./Int.


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