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ITC Educates on “Right Tree, Right Place”

As spring approaches, ITC is diligent about good stewardship. ITC works with residents to help them understand what kinds of plants and shrubs can be safely established near transmission lines, and the right places for trees. Under our “Right Tree, Right Place” program, we hold site selection education events in communities to complement property owner management and help prevent tree interference with transmission lines. Learn more


UNS Energy’s Resource Diversification

UNS Energy’s long-term portfolio diversification strategy includes significant reductions in coal-fired generation capacity and increased use of renewable energy and efficient natural gas resources. UNS is in the midst of a transition that will reduce coal-fired resources leading to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Learn more


FortisBC Growing the Supply of Renewable Natural Gas

FortisBC works with local farms, landfills and municipalities to produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), with a total of 20 supply agreements in place, including a partnership with Metro Vancouver to open a facility on Lulu Island in Richmond, BC. Increasing the RNG supply is one of the ways FortisBC is working towards their 30BY30 target to reduce their customers’ GHG emissions 30 per cent by 2030. Learn more


Central Hudson’s Smart Grid Initiative

Central Hudson is currently moving forward with its smart grid initiative, which will increase energy efficiency and reduce losses. The program began in 2015 and is expected to be completed by 2022. This initiative incorporates several large, interrelated projects including: the continued deployment of smart distribution devices coupled with distribution circuit upgrades; the installation of a tiered two-way communications network; and the installation of a centralized control center and platform. Learn more

Osprey Nesting Platform

Bird's Eye View

FortisAlberta has Osprey webcams in Canmore and Red Deer County to provide their customers with views of the magnificent birds and their nesting habits. The insights gained by observing the Ospreys help them to make the most of their Avian Protection Plan. 
Learn more


Newfoundland Power’s EnviroFest

EnviroFest is Newfoundland Power’s annual celebration of the environment that encourages positive environmental action across Newfoundland. Its team of environmental coordinators work with employees, schools and environmental organizations to identify opportunities for promoting environmental awareness. In operation since 1997, the employee-driven program has partnered with more than 300 community groups and have completed 110 projects.
Learn more


Maritime Electric Uses Wind Energy

Prince Edward Island has one of the highest levels of wind integration in North America with the Island’s eight wind farms providing a combined generating capacity of 203 MW. Since 2001, Maritime Electric has had long-term renewable purchase power agreements in place to buy all the energy supplied by the wind farms of the Province of Prince Edward Island. Wind energy currently accounts for approximately 25% of Maritime Electric’s energy supply mix. Learn more


FortisOntario Partners with First Nations

FortisOntario and 24 First Nation communities are the general partners of Wataynikaneyap Power. Wataynikaneyap Power will develop and operate new transmission facilities to connect remote First Nation communities in northwestern Ontario. These communities are currently powered by diesel generation, which has become financially unsustainable, environmentally risky and is unable to meet the needs of communities. Learn more

cuc street lights turtles lr

Street Lights near Beaches

CUC installs ‘warmer’ LED bulbs and special guards on street lights that are close to designated Green Sea Turtle nests near several beaches on Grand Cayman. Green Sea Turtle hatchlings are attracted to bright light, specifically the moon light that reflects off the ocean, which is why they head to the sea once they exit their nests. In certain instances, the normal brighter ‘cool white’ street lights confuse the hatchlings and they head away from the ocean. Learn more


FortisTCI’s Utility-Scale Solar Project

FortisTCI is ‘Transforming Energy in the Turks and Caicos Islands’ through customer partnerships by installing grid-tied and roof- mounted solar PV. To date, the company has installed 1MW of Utility Owned Renewable Energy (UORE), accounting for the production of 1GWh of renewable energy and the reduction of 1,091 tons of CO2 emissions. Learn more

Fortis Sustainability Commitment

Fortis is a responsible energy partner for our communities and customers and we are committed to doing our part to make progress on the most pressing global sustainability issues.

As a leader in the North American utility industry, we focus on conducting business in a responsible manner and protecting the environment for future generations. To measure our progress, we regularly set and review sustainability focused objectives, targets and programs with a commitment to continuous improvement.

We have identified the following areas of focus to preserve our environment, combat climate change, and deliver value for customers, employees and stakeholders while maintaining strong governance practices across our group of companies.

Preserving Our Environment and Combatting Climate Change

  • Foster a cleaner energy future through investment in infrastructure to ensure resiliency and seek cost-efficient opportunities to decrease GHG emissions and increase our customers’ access to renewable energy sources.
  • Improve environmental performance by regularly monitoring our operational practices and protocols, taking corrective action where necessary and auditing management systems and protocols.
  • Recognize the importance of water and waste management and seek to reduce waste and use of water in operations.
  • Strive to minimize the biodiversity impacts associated with our projects and operations.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards of environmental protection.

Linking Human Capital and Sustainability

  • Foster a strong culture of safety, inclusion and ethical behaviour. Safety is our priority and we strive to continuously outperform the utility industry.
  • Focus on the overall engagement and development of our employees.
  • Raise employee and contractor awareness about the importance of sustainability. This includes Code of Conduct training addressing the importance of environmental responsibility, social consciousness and the support of communities, inclusion and diversity, and adherence to ethical standards.
  • Respect and positively influence human rights through our actions and initiatives

Engaging with Stakeholders and Communities

  • Engaging on sustainability priorities with stakeholders including investors, customers and community representatives.
  • Invest purposefully in infrastructure to provide a safe, reliable and affordable service and pursue strategies to improve customer engagement.
  • Execute a robust cybersecurity strategy that mitigates risks and safeguards systems and networks.
  • Collaborate with industry associations, government, investors and other stakeholders to advance sustainability priorities in the energy utility industry.
  • Support and participate in community-based projects with a priority on sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Ensuring Good Governance

Our Board of Directors:

  • Act in the best interests of our stakeholders, ensure effective leadership and provide oversight in key business areas.
  • Ensure our directors have the appropriate skills, expertise and experience to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
  • Maintain a board where at least one-third of the independent directors are female, and consider all aspects of diversity when assessing board composition and renewal.
  • Conduct itself in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Routinely review our governance framework against evolving best practices to ensure continued high governance standards.



Committed to preserving our provincial heritage

Fortis contributes $3.25 million to commemorate Newfoundland and Labrador’s First World War Battle of Beaumont-Hamel. Fortis community initiatives

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